Our Code of Ethics

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional development services to institutions of higher education. Your institution’s needs and interests are our fundamental priority. We pledge to serve you with high ethical standards and a thoughtful approach to the unique culture of your institution.

We observe the following professional and ethical commitments:



Organizational Interests

Our consultants will always support the best interests of your institution.

Honest Evaluation

We will offer advice that is grounded in the most current and reliable research.

We will observe the highest standards of civility in all of our interactions with people and will report our findings with accuracy, respect, and sincerity.


Our consultants will maintain all confidences and will never share information about a project without the consent of your institution.


Before we begin a project, we will provide you a detailed overview of the work to be performed and the product to be delivered. We will complete all tasks on time and to the best of our ability.

Value of Work

We will not solicit or perform work that is unnecessary. If we do not believe that the work you have requested will be of value, we will advise you accordingly.