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“This was my first experience with AASCU Consulting. The consultant’s knowledge and background provided confidence and credibility that made a unique difference with our faculty and staff community given the scope of the work. I recommend new presidents and chancellors leverage the assets and expertise of AASCU Consulting. The level of experience and relatedness can help tremendously as they launch their leadership role.”

Bennie Harris

Chancellor, University of South Carolina Upstate

“I strongly believe that the institutional momentum gained during the first year of my presidency was due in no small part to the onboarding services provided by AASCU Consulting (formerly known as the AASCU-Penson Center for Professional Development).

AASCU Consulting’s work helped accelerate my knowledge of the college’s senior leadership team and its culture, its organizational structures, the complex ecosystem in which it operates, the most immediate challenges, and promising opportunities it faced. The knowledge gained informed my allocation of time and energy during the first three months of my tenure and sharpened my focus on the important areas that needed attention.”


President, Northern Arizona University

“I have become a believer in executive coaching; provided the coach is someone that has the experience and attitude that Dr. Votruba has.

From my perspective, executive coaching can be a significant factor in increasing the likelihood of success of a new president. It all depends on the experience of the coach. I was lucky that I ran into AASCU Consulting (formerly known as APC) and Dr. Votruba at the right time. His coaching has made a difference in my presidency.”


President, Southeast Missouri State University

“I have worked with Howard Cohen as a consultant for AASCU Consulting (formerly known as APC) on two separate projects for two different institutions, achieving positive results in both cases. Through his work, Dr. Cohen helped us achieve our goals at Bemidji State by designing a process that ensured buy-in by individuals at all levels within the campus community. He shaped the complex process of strategic planning into manageable segments assuring timely completion. He was there throughout the process to provide encouragement, challenge our thinking, and cheer our successes. I would highly recommend AASCU Consulting to assist with planning.”


Former President, Bemidji State University

“The transition from dean to provost was significant. Numerous challenges arose within the first months of my tenure, including:

  • Understanding my role and relationship with the president;
  • Creating a leadership team in the division and being a good team member on the Cabinet;
  • Developing divisional strategies and ensuring alignment with campus and presidential priorities;
  • Managing my time effectively and developing a support structure with staff and direct reports;
  • Addressing complex problems while consensus building and effectively communicating with numerous constituencies; and
  • Dealing with critical issues that required a decisive and immediate response from my office.

Working with AASCU Consulting (formerly known as APC) over the past year was a remarkable experience. We covered all of the above-listed issues in depth through examples, case studies, and dialog. Our meetings were a time for me to discuss my issues in a non-threatening environment with two seasoned and well-respected administrators. I was also able to call each of them throughout the year to coach me in addressing immediate challenges. This program certainly made me a better provost, leader, and team member. It also assisted me in building a strong relationship with my president. I highly recommend this program to all newly appointed provosts.”


President, University of Northern Colorado

“The Provost Academy was vital to my transition to the role of Provost. It was extremely beneficial for me as an Interim Provost… I only had one year to be in this job and needed to transition quickly so that the university could realize maximum benefit. Since I am moving into a permanent provost position at another CSU, this past year of the Academy will be helpful to me to get a solid start and transition quickly.

The most useful elements of the Academy were the candid advice from seasoned leaders in the CSU context and hearing the issues of the other two provosts. These two former presidents were able to give me advice and assistance while I was in the midst of challenges. I have participated in other provost and leadership programs, but this one was the best because it was specific to the CSU and with experienced Presidents in the CSU. They knew the right questions to ask us and they knew how to help us find the options and answers.

This should be available to all incoming provosts. The university and CSU have clearly benefitted from this leadership support.”


Former Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, California State University, Bakersfield

“The Board is in a much better place today because of your involvement over the past few years. Communication, focus, responsibilities, and more importantly accountability have all been areas that you have tried to raise Board awareness. We truly appreciate your efforts and sharing your wisdom and experience with us. Under the President’s skillful leadership and dedicated, visionary board members like Steve, WSU has a very bright future. Thank you again for your contribution in helping the Board understand its role and improve the Westfield Experience for all students.”

Kevin R Queenin

Chair, Board of Trustees, Westfield State University