Accelerating Success with AASCU Consulting

Institutions invest significant time and resources to recruit and hire  a new president or chancellor. The New President Accelerator Package sets them up for success.  The investment in the transition and onboarding for new leaders – a fraction of the costs of search fees and salary – has consistently demonstrated its value.

AASCU Consulting has helped onboard hundreds of new presidents, provosts, and other campus leaders to accelerate their transition and success.

The New President Accelerator Package offers a menu of services that can provide the new president with:

  • An assessment of their leadership team’s individual and collective effectiveness and advice for optimizing their individual and team performance,
  • Guidance and advice for navigating a new institution and, if applicable, a multi-campus system,
  • Guidance for fostering their relationship with the board,
  • An assessment of the university revenue and cost structure to gain a complete and objective understanding of the university’s financial position, or,
  • Connections to resources and tools that will help them, and the institution thrive throughout their presidency.

Accelerate with these solutions:

Orientation to the work of a president and understanding that work in the larger context of the university administrative functions and responsibilities.

Focused on the nature of the presidency, shaping the leadership team and organization, setting a clear set of strategic and operational priorities, managing pace and calendar in the presidency, working as a President in a multi-campus system (if applicable), as well as a focus on the tools and necessities of leadership.

A comprehensive view of your leadership team, including their portfolios, strengths, challenges, decision making processes, and team dynamics.

Full assessment of the university revenue and cost structure to gain a complete and objective understanding of the university’s financial position.

Assessment of role and portfolio clarity in the organization and strategic alignment on the priorities and aspirations of the institution; alignment with core mission and agility to respond to the changing and future dynamics of the institution’s region, student demographics, industry, and the higher education landscape; reflection of best industry practices for a modern institution of higher education.

An assessment of development leadership, staffing and capacity of fundraisers/planned giving officers, support in events, marketing staff and support systems (e.g., CRM, prospect wealth screening, accounting, stewardship, and social media).

  • Athletics
  • Academic Program Prioritization
  • Accreditation
  • Interim needs
  • Board development